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Literary Tours of Cambridge - a wonderfully, interesting way to explore Cambridge

Cambridge Writers, Past and Present [2hours]

This tour highlights the ‘famous names’ engaged by this historic city.  Come with us around the environs associated with writers from Town and Gown. We usually like to include one college site as well.


  • Admire key figures in the history of English Literature  in same breath as eminent contemporary writers.
  • Trace the walkways where novelists, playwrights, poets and essayist  lived, ambled or scurried.
  • Honour eminent, original Cambridge writers. There are so many to mention, but we’ll include:
    • Adams,
    • Byron,
    • Chaucer,
    • Darwin,
    • Empson,
    • Fletcher,
    • Gray,
    • all the way to Ali or Zadie Smith.
  • Discuss visitors such as Dickens and Virginia Woolf ;
  • Picture imaginary students such as Sherlock Holmes;

as we look at buildings associated with them and their circle.

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