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Literary Tours of Cambridge - a wonderfully, interesting way to explore Cambridge

Children’s Literature [1 hour+]

~but ok for Grown-ups; OU and U3A students. Real children [7+] should bring a tame adult.

We’ll look at –  and  – link  – famous children’s authors to features around Cambridge.  History heartening rather than horrible may feature authors from early periods of children’s writing right up to the present moment:-

  • Are buildings older than children’s books?
  • What’s the connection between Trinity College and a famous teddy-bear?
  • Is ‘The Minnow on the Say’ really a fish?
  • And what do the fish think? –
  • Or The Waterbabies?
  • Did the Iron Man leave anything here?
  • And what Became of the Whale?
  • Or the Elephant’s Child?
  • Where can you find the Writer’s writing?
  • Or even the writers, writing…
  • And  where was one of the first computer games ever played?
  • We’ll l walk through a college, if possible.

If you wish, we’ll extend this one-hour tour.

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