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Literary Tours of Cambridge - a wonderfully, interesting way to explore Cambridge

Cambridge Writers, past and present

This tour highlights the ‘famous names’ engaged by this historic city.

  • Come with us around the environs associated with writers from Town and Gown;
  • One college site is usually included;
  • 2 hours.

Who Wrote Here?

A tour for English-speaking and International students. Syllabuses and courses usually include writers from Cambridge.  We:-

  • Identify local features significant to some great novelists, poets, playwrights, and diarists;
  • Lead,  where possible, with trained and experienced English or TEFL teachers;
  • 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Women Writers of Cambridge

Taking in locations known to Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath, Zadie Smith, PD James and Rebecca Stott, and their adepts across the genres:

  • Touch on their influences;
  • and reactions!
  • 2 hours.

Walk through lanes and locations known by world-class and gentler-flowering female writers. See how Cambridge influenced prize-winning writers. Pass colleges and churches known to stellar visitors

Book Groups off the Sofa

An informed stroll through scenes associated with:

  • Scenarios in novels;
  • Spots of drama;
  • Shadows of poems…;
  • Shades and vibrations from Classic and Contemporary writings;
  • 2 hours.

Walking with the Faithful

Cambridge contains so many writers and thinkers who were, or are, followers of the major world faiths.

  • Walk where ‘prayer has been valid’ and controversy explored by scholarship, spirituality and action;
  • Salute many Honest Doubters and Social Reformers;
  • 2 hours.
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