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Women in Cambridge

Walking tours with Cambridge Green Badge Guides:

  • Tour duration 2 hrs;
  • Maximum group size 20


Hear the surprising, shocking, and sometimes funny, story of how women made their mark on the University of Cambridge.

We’ll start from the medieval founders and finish with today’s senior academics, heads of colleges, and influential alumnae.

Denied an education at the university for the first 650 years of its existence, women, backed by male supporters, faced extraordinary challenges to gain access and equality.

Early enthusiasm for change put Cambridge in the vanguard of Victorian educational reform. With their fighting spirit, alumnae of the first womens’ colleges made an indelible mark on the city and country, through pioneering civic and social activism.

But the promising start for women turned into resistance and violent protest. The university didn’t award women full degrees until 1948, the last in Britain to do so.

So, who did what, along a long and rocky road? Afterall, today Cambridge women take for granted their equal rights to be learning, teaching and leading.

Why did it take so long?

This tour will change the way you see Cambridge. We’ll shine a light on some remarkable characters, key events and significant places.

This tour tells a gripping, illuminating tale that will run & run. To organise your tour, please contact Ruth Meyer:

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