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Literary Tours of Cambridge - a wonderfully, interesting way to explore Cambridge

Walking with the Faithful [2 hours]

Cambridge contains so many writers and thinkers who were, or are, followers of the major world faiths.  Come with us, and also salute many honest doubters! Walk where ‘prayer has been valid’ and controversy explored by scholarship, spirituality and action.  And perhaps consider some Social Reformers along the way.

  • Scholars, Reformers and Martyrs: thinking about the brilliant brains and stout hearts in many faiths;
  • The Spiritual and the Poetic: in this powerhouse of poetic reflection;
  • Whispers and Shouts: novelists old and new. Characters searching for acceptance in the faiths they follow;
  • Hopers and Doubters:  breathe in the atmosphere of:
    • Erasmus,
    • Darwin,
    • Tennyson,
    • Wordsworth,
    • Wittgenstein,
    • Williams,
    • Elliot,
    • Dawkins,
    • Hawking,
    • Brown.
  • Embracing Faiths: from The Enlightenment to TS Eliot;
  • Sacred Spaces and Silicon Fen;
  • A jug of wine  and thou – Life and Love!

The sites we visit will depend on availability and time of day.

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