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Literary Tours of Cambridge - a wonderfully, interesting way to explore Cambridge

‘Who Wrote Here?’ [1 ½ – 2hrs, or as requested]

A tour for English-speaking and International students. Syllabuses and courses usually include writers from Cambridge.  We’ll show you local features which should have interested:

  • Novelists such as EM Forster and Thomas Hardy;
  • Poets e.g. TS Eliot and Ted Hughes;
  • Playwrights for instance Marlowe and Peter Shaeffer;
  • Diarists like Pepys.

What’s more, we’ll:

  • Drop some ‘names’ from Film and Television;
  • Mention our favourite author, the son of a former Archbishop of Canterbury, as we like Granchester;
  • Check out the real locations for a few movies;
  • Open new possibilities for reading as we touch on genres such as:
    • Science Fiction;
    • Comedy; and
    • Social Comment.
  • All the way to My Beautiful Laundrette…

Where possible, our tours will be led by trained and experienced teachers of English or TEFL.

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